How to embed video in your Drupal content?

It is not hard but just needs to know the steps. There are 3 steps as follow:

1. Install "video filter" from this URL:
2. Enable "video filter" module from here: admin/build/modules
3. Configure which "input formats" to allow "video filter", in this article I pick "Filtered HTML" which is filter number 1

+ admin/settings/filters/1
. To enable Video Filter check box where it will substitutes [video:URL] with embedded HTML.

+ admin/settings/filters/1/order
. To rearrange Filtered HTML to which filter to be processed first in your content

Once you have done the above then you can use it as the examples below:

Note: extra space to show the code

+ [ video:url ] - This will output one video using the default settings.
+ [ video:url,url,url ] - This will output random video from a list of multiple URL
+ [ video:url width:X height:Y align:left/right autoplay:1/0 ] - This will override the default settings for this video.

Here is an example: [ video: ]

[ video: ]