The hightlight of this new release are:
* Refresh to support MosCom 2.0+ features

* MosComBot mambot is use to display MosCom comment link on the content or frontpage if you turn it on and when you click on either side it will take you to the corresponding comments.

* MosComBot is now has comment form without the need to edit the template.
* MosComBot can now set to show in 4 places of the articles beside to show the comment form for MosCom.
* Companion MosComBot mambot to show comment link on content or frontpage
* "Show (0) - Add comments:" will be shown on frontpage or to turn off
* Option to turn off comment link on frontpage

* Important: Make sure to enable MosComBot in Mambot manager!
* This Mambot is design to work with MosCom 1.1+
* Please make sure emailcloak is listed before MosComBot to avoid scramble the email in the comment form.

* Support:
* Download:

Any donation$ would be greatly appreciated. Thanks