What are 000webhost limits?

The limits that I am aware at this time are:

. PHP limit upload_max_filesize is set to 2 MB
. file size limit of 5MB when uploading files via the file manager in cPanel.
. MySQL timeout limit set to 10 seconds
. There is a 2-minute connection timeout on our servers including FTP client.
. File quota and inodes limit is 10000
. Daily CPU limit
. You can send no more than 14 emails per minute.
. The current e-mail message size limit is 5MB.
. Maximum two databases per site
. Maximum 1.5GB of disk storage
. Maximum 100MB limit for doing site backup
. Maximum of 50MB file size when do website restore
. Only allow having one account per client but no known limit on number
of sites in one account
. Maximum of 2000 connections hit per IP, otherwise, the IP will be banned
. PHP 5.2