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How to do URL masking?

There are many URL masking services which let you have a shorter URL to a site that has longer URL or you just want to have a site that has a nice domain name that shows the content of an older site but still shows the domain name in the browser of your choice. That is the magic of URL masking but it is really simple!
How to do URL masking?

You have a long site URL but want to use a shorter URL, how is it done?

It is using the HTML frame to mask the destination URL and keep the originate URL in the browser.

How to do normal URL with Zend Framework?

I am like many of you when looking at Zend Framework and wonder how I could use the normal URL with Zend Framework and it is very confusing to try to figure out at first by there is a way.

The following article will show you two ways to enable none-pretty URL with Zend Framework.

There are two ways to go about doing this:

How to get normal/un-pretty URL with Zend Framework 1.11.11

Method one: Use REST route

How to publish to site with client like iWeb that support ftp protocol?

In the old day, publishing to your website requires a special client that uses their own protocol like FrontPage which requires the FrontPage server extension but nowaday most client support standard protocol and no longer need special server side extension but there seems to be a lot of question on that too.

This article will show what you need...

How to publish to site with a client like iWeb that support FTP protocol?

SharePoint 2010 allow_page_locks issue

When you install SharePoint 2010 you might discover that you can't use the SQL maintenance to clean up your indexes. You will get message like "failed to reorganize indexes due to page level locking is disabled"
I spent some time look into this issue and developed a store procedure that will fix this issue.
How to fix SharePoint 2010 failed to reorganize indexes due to page level locking is disabled?

The problem can easily be fixed with this little store procedure below.

Do you ever wish to be able to "describe" a table in MSSQL?

It is not available in MSSQL but it can be done with the help of function and store procedure.

In this article, I will show you how it can be done.

First create a XML variable like this:

SELECT @xmlFldList = (select * from ftvDescribe('tSomeTable') for xml raw)

Then call the spDescribeSchema to describe the table.

declare @SchemaInText varchar(max) exec dbo.[spDescribeSchema] @xmlFldList, @SchemaInText output

Please see the actual code of these calls above in this How-To

404 error page 101

Simply put, the 404 or Not Found error message is the server could not find the page that was requested.
But there is more to it and sometimes it is hard to know where to look for the cause of the error but with this article, it will tell your some common causes of the error and what to do.
What causes 404 or Not Found error message on your site?

Custom error page 101

If you have an error on your site and if you don't have any custom handler it will be handled by the server default configuration which might not be a very user-friendly way.
This article will show you how to can use .htaccess to have your own custom error page that handles by either HTML or PHP code.
How to use custom error page?

You can handle custom error page either with plain HTML or PHP code but both use .htaccess to do the redirect of the error code.

. For plain HTML page:

How do redirect www using mod_rewrite?

With rewrite rules, it is very simple, please use this code below but do change the domain to your domain name.

Note: If you want to redirect to www then just reserve the logic

In your .htaccess

RewriteEngine on
RewriteOptions inherit

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.yoursite.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://yoursite.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Drupal 7 Block, very flexible!

Before Drupal 7, if you want to create a block for your Drupal site you either have to create a module or a variable to show your block and it is not fun!

But in Drupal 7, Block is part of the core, just to go ?q=admin/structure/block and create a block.

In the block body, you can enter full HTML or PHP code and this is where the flexibility come in.

With full HTML code you can enter any ads including Javascript into your block and assign it anywhere on your site and it shows.

Drupal 7 multilingual issue

If you are using the multilingual extension in Drupal you are in for a big headache and time-consuming upgrade time!

What are the real issues?

The first issue is the multilingual extension change the way it keeps the content so you will have to be very careful how you edit your old content when you add translation otherwise you might lose the content altogether.


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