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Drupal 7 upgrade tips!

With the success of upgrading my first Drupal site so I thought maybe I should do upgrade on my other Drupal site. I was in for a long night and unsuccessful upgrade but I did figure out a way to recover from the failure upgrade and I decide to write this article so other will be able to benefit from my finding.

First of all you will more than likely to get something about “blocked_ips” and that is because you were at one point did the upgrade and your settings.php has this below:

Drupal MSSQL support

I was interested in getting Drupal to run with MSSQL rather than MySQL so I set out to see if I might be able to hack the code to support MSSQL whether through PHP MSSQL driver or through Microsoft SQLSRV driver...

I spent several weeks on this effort and here are some quick write up on that effort.

There was some effort prior to Drupal 6 and some were able to get it running with MSSQL at some point but the effort was completely stalled indefinitely when Drupal 6 was released.

How to create a block module?

"Hello world" is a very common practice for anyone want to gain a basic understanding of any new programming language, system, CMS etc.

This article is intent to just show a very basic coverage of how to create a basic Drupal block module.

Drupal module is an essentially a hook calling to Drupal hooks. There are many hooks and you can find out more about all Drupal hooks at api.drupal.org.

How to create blog in Drupal

Drupal has a built-in blog module so the first thing you will need to do is to enable the blog module.

The steps to enable blog module is very easy:
. Click administrator
. Click module and look for "blog" and click on enable

Once the blog module is enabled then you will see under "create content" will have a link for "blog entry" click on that to create a blog and just type away.

After you create the blog entry it will show under "Recent blog posts" if you have it enable in the "block"

How to embed video in your Drupal content?

It is not hard but just needs to know the steps. There are 3 steps as follow:

1. Install "video filter" from this URL: http://drupal.org/node/402796
2. Enable "video filter" module from here: admin/build/modules
3. Configure which "input formats" to allow "video filter", in this article I pick "Filtered HTML" which is filter number 1

+ admin/settings/filters/1
. To enable Video Filter check box where it will substitutes [video:URL] with embedded HTML.

How to fix Warning: file_get_contents()?

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in eval()

I have this warning for a long time and can't figure out how to fix it for a long time. I spent a lot of time searching and looking and until today!

The solution is very simple once I figure out what it was and it was "Remote File Source", you must enable "Remote File Source" once when you do you will get the warning below:

How to fix cron.php fail with 404 error?

The causes of cron.php fail with 404 error has a lot of theories but the one that I found work for me is "clear cached data". You might also get "Cron job fail" when to try to run manually!

Here is how to do "clear cached data":
. Click on "Administer", then click on "Performance" and scroll toward the bottom you will find "Clear Cached Data" button, click on it.

How to show item like forum on primary links menu?

In Drupal, there are something call "primary and secondary links" on menus how would you add items to those menus links?

It is not too hard if you know what you are looking for!

The steps are very simple:

Click on "Administer" then click on "menus" then click on "primary links" and finally click on "add item".

On this screen, you would enter the information to show on your primary link menus.

Here is an example for adding Forum to your "primary links" menus:

Path: Forum
Title: Forum
Enable: check
Parent item: Primary Links

How to use Drupal multiple sites feature?

To keep thing as simple as possible I will make the follow assumption:
. Your main Drupal site already is installed at http://maindrupal.yoursite.com
. Your additional Drupal site is installed at http://drupalsub.yoursite.com

. You can get a more advanced variation of how to install Drupal multiple sites but I will try to keep thing simple here!
. These steps will put this Drupal installation into your Drupal database that your create for this site

Cron, the first thing must be done for your Drupal site

Cron job, the first thing must be done for your Drupal site

Why? Might you ask?

Simple answer:
Running Cron will keep your site operating optimally.

Long answer:
Cron a scheduler that automates system tasks.

For example:
. Rotate your log and statistical data.
. Do a number of behind-the-scenes cleanup functions like clearing the sessions table.
. Many modules (like RSS feed) also schedule tasks via Cron, some modules may not behave as designed if Cron does not run.


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