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Routing or rewriting, MVC missing link!

For an MVC pattern to work it needs some form of URL processing whether it is via routing or URL rewriting. Most of the MVC framework that I encountered are depend on URL rewriting rules. But URL rewriting rules requires additional layer like URL rewrite module for apache or ISAPI Rewrite dll for IIS. Needless to say, it makes troubleshooting more complex!

Routing differs from URL rewriting schemes. URL rewriting processes incoming requests by actually changing the URL before it sends the request to the Web page.

Case of missing "install.exe" in Windows 2003!

This took me several weeks to figure out how to fix this problem!

It starts out when I try to install IIS to my Windows 2003 R2 sp2 server and for some reason IIS just only show htm file but none for asp, aspx or php!

I searched high and low, I tried numerous sources, I combed through many forum, Microsoft support site, etc but can't find a solution!

In the process, I found out that there are a lot of people having a very similar symptom but none seem to have the same problem like mine.

The symptom are:

SharePoint 2010 "Reanalyze now" disable issue

In SharePoint 2010, you might run into a situation where the "Reanalyze now" is disable and there seem to be no way to fix it.

In my case I fix it with the following steps:
. Go Central Administration then select Job Definitions
. Then look for the job that has a title "... On Demand ..." and has a status of "disable" and click on it and delete it

You should be able to run the "Reanalyze now" afterward.

Simple script to do Backup to DOW folder

If you need a simple way to do a backup of your folder from various computer to a central location and don't want to spend a great deal of time or money for a big backup solution, the good old DOS command can do that for you.

Here is how I use a DOS command to find out the day of the week and use it as a folder to be created a central place by machine.

Coding "less" CSS with LESS

Coding in raw CSS can become tedious if you do it the old fashion way!

With LESS and the less compiler tool you can now take advantage of variables, functions, operations, Mixins (which is like macros in spreadsheet or substitution)

Look at the Bootstrap by Twitter, if you look at the bootstrap.css it is very complex and confusing! But when you look at the source code of Bootstrap which is written in LESS you will see it makes a lot of sense.

Then use LESS compiler to compile LESS code into CSS code and the output of the CSS is to be used on your site.

MVC, MVP, MMVC, MVVM or proposed DWP?

MVC is short for Model View Controller, originated from Smalltalk and heavily discussed in PHP arena most noticeably the PHP Zend Framework.

MVP is short for Model-View-Presenter is mostly known is for. NET platform camp.

MMVC is short for Model Model View Controller is mostly known in the Java camp

MVVM is short for Model View ViewModel is mostly known in the Silverlight camp.

XBMC/Kodi opensource media player/center

XBMC is the original name of the open source media player and media center for many platform including Linux, Apple OSX, Windows, iOS and Android. It has been rename to Kodi starting version 14.

Kodi has amazing set of add-on including: audio, video, pictures, screensaver, skins, weather, games, programs, etc.

To jump start using Kodi is to first install a good repository and the most popular one is superrepo and if you are interested in Asian movies you should also install Chinese add-on which include many Korean video streaming sites.

Reference links:

PHP namespace hurdle

PHP namespace has been added since 5.3 but only recently that many project start re-write to use PHP namespace.

I think the biggest hurdle is "class not found" when using a namespace, especially when using an autoloader. Most autoloaders do not aware of the namespace thus can't load the class.

It is most difficult when you have to go back to your existing code and adding code to call your class with a namespace, it is very time-consuming!

The best way to get around this is using PHP "Alias" then all your old class can be called the same way with minimum changes.


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