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How to fix farm service account password out of sync in SharePoint 2010?

If you get farm service account password out of sync you properly know your way around SharePoint 2010 pretty well so this article just go right into the exact what to do to sync up your servers in the farm.

Here are things that you do to sync up your SharePoint farm service account password.

Vanilla Forums Open Source Review

I looked at Vanilla a few years ago when it was in version 1 and didn't have time to look for further due to the fact that my first impression to Vanilla was this is a different kind of forum but I recently startting rediscover Vanilla where it has been totally rewritten at version 2. Below is my review of Vanilla version 2.

Vanilla Wins Best Forum Software 2013

Vanilla is an open-source community-building solution. It is can seamlessly integrate with your existing website, blog, or custom-built application.

FAQ: Why I got "Your domain is not pointing to our name servers at the moment.."?

This is a very commonly ask question and the answer can be vary depend on the situation.

First of all, did you buy or own this domain name?

You have to buy a domain name or get a free domain name from a domain name provider or DNS provider before you can use that domain name to host your site with a hosting provider.

For example: GoDaddy.com, NameCheap.com, etc

If you own a domain name then you would go to your DNS provider and make the name servers change there to point to your hosting provider name servers

How to use LESS to code CSS for less?

This is a very simple how to on coding with LESS which is designed to get you some quick introduction into LESS without getting too much technical detail.

First create two file call vars.less and nav.less as below:
// file: vars.less
// variables
@coWhite: #ffffff;
@coOffWhite: #eaeaea;
@coGrey: #eeeeee;
@coGreyDark: #999999;
@coPurple: #5a5a93;
@coPurpleLight: #a1a1cc;
@coBlue: #333399;
@coBlueLight: #b0e0e6;
@mxWidth: 99%;
@minHeight: 80%;
@hdrFont: 2em;
@roundSize: 4px;

Website Builder issues

Website builder encrypted all files and use your current ftp login and password as login info which get bake into your site along with your site URL.

You can't change the file using external editor or your site will not load because it was corrupted by the external editor. You can only change your website builder inside your website builder via admin URL.

You need to login to your website builder with the original ftp password when you create the site or your own custom login if you change it in website builder Config, Access tab.

DatabasePDO drop in replacement of the original Simple PHP Framework Database class


* By: Chanh Ong
* Date: 09/26/2013
* Changes: Some bug fixes
* DatabasePDO drop in replacement of the original Simple PHP Framework Database class
Notes: Please do the following to use this class

1. rename original class.database class to class.databasemysql.php and class name to DatabaseMySQL

2. add these lines to a new empty class.database.php

// drop in replacement of the original Database Class with PDO class
class Database extends DatabasePDO {



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