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MSSQL store procedure to Describe Schema from fields list in XML

create procedure [dbo].[spDescribeSchema]
@FieldList XML = '',
@retbuff varchar(max) output
-- use table variable sample and while loop
declare @FieldList1 table(
FieldName varchar(max),
FieldType varchar(20),
FieldLen int

What is the email sending limit on 000webhost?

You can send no more than 14 emails per minute and e-mail message size limit is 5MB.

Mass or newsletter mailing is not allowed.

All email sending count toward mass mail, even approving comment, announcement or notification, private messaging, etc or have a contact form on your site even the email is just sending to you.

If you don't disable email sending, your site will get suspended as quickly as your account un-suspend.

To avoid this limitation, you need to upgrade to paid hosting.

Which email service available on 000webhost?

Free servers support POP3 and IMAP only.

SMTP is not available with free account however you can use SMTP service from your ISP mail servers to relay mail by setting MX record in your 000webhost cpanel to point to your SMTP service provider.

To setup POP3 or IMAP, in your cpanel, under Manage Email Accounts will have instruction on how to setup POP3 or IMAP client like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

You can also use webmail in your cpanel to read email but you won't have a copy of your email.

000webhost CPU limit reached

On 000webhost, if your site exceeded your daily cpu limit and your site will be redirected. This is a daily soft limit so the limit will be reset every 24 hours. That mean if your site exceed the limit every 24 hours then your site will get suspend every day.

Here might be some of your reasons why your site exceed daily cpu limit:

. You have too many visitors and over load free server resources. (Note: This might cause by crawler crawling your site, use robots.txt to limit the crawlers.)
, If you have many add-on installed, your site take too much resources to run.

Why my site on 000webhost redirect to 000webhost error site?

Please read this article on the detail of the most common causes of the error.


On 000webhost there are tools that you can run to fix ownership and permission.

The tools are 'Fix File Ownership' and 'Fix File Permissions' from your control panel. These tools will recreate your public_html directory and fix any ownership and permission issue.

How to use custom error page?

You can handle custom error page either with plain HTML or PHP code but both use .htaccess to do the redirect of the error code.

. For plain html page:

If you want to have a custom error page of you own, add one to your .htaccess file with this format: ErrorDocument [error number] [URL of custom page] (Note: One line correspond to one error number) and create the correspondence file in the same folder.

For example: 404 will redirect to notFound.html, 403 will be redirect to Forbidden.html

## In .htaccess file
ErrorDocument 403 /Forbidden.html

What causes 404 or Not Found error message on your site?

1. The most common cause of this error is you delete the public_html folder which is your web site root folder that contain your web site files and folders.
2. You might accidentally change the permission on public_html to not allowed everyone or world read access. The actually permission setting will depend on your host provider web hosting setup and requirement.
3. You might have a bad .htaccess that have incorrect rewrite rule that cause it to redirect to none existing page, etc
4. You might use the file with the wrong name or wrong case or point to a missing file/folder, etc.

How to fix SharePoint 2010 failed to reorganize indexes due to page level locking is disabled?

The problem can easily be fixed with this little store procedure below.

Just create and run spFixAllowPageLocks listed below in the database which you want to fix the issue.

-- Store Procedure to fix all tables with indexes that has allow_page_locks is OFF
create PROCEDURE [dbo].[spFixAllowPageLocks]
Declare @TableName nvarchar(max)
Declare @IndexName nvarchar(max)
declare @sql nvarchar(max)=''

-- get all record that has allow_page_locks = off
Declare c cursor for


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