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The hightlight of this new release are:
* initial release of MosPrayer

MosPrayer Description:
* MosPrayer is a complete a clone of MosCom 2.0.7 base on my tiny Mose framework that utilize MVC pattern for Mambo, MiaCMS, Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5+.
* It provides feature for visitors to comment on content items within the supported CMS.
* (Note: Please make sure to download the latest MosPrayerBot 2.0+, MosPrayerLatestX 2.0+ to work with MosPrayer 2.0+)

General Features:


The highlight of this new release are:
* Initial release of MosPrayerBot mambot/plugin

* MosPrayerBot mambot is use to display MosPrayer prayer request link on the content or frontpage if you turn it on and when you click on either side it will take you to the corresponding prayers.

* MosPrayerBot can set to show in 4 places of the articles beside to show the prayer form for MosPrayer.
* Companion MosPrayerBot mambot to show prayer link on content or frontpage
* "Show (0) - Add prayer:" will be shown on frontpage or to turn off

Free utility for counting PDF pages

This is continuation of my previous article on http://docs.ongetc.com/index.php?q=content/pdf-pages-counting-using-vb-s... where it used VB script to count pages in PDF files but it has some limitation. The limitation is it can't count PDF files that scan from scanner with OCR. So I set out to look for a solution! There are many options out there:

. Free or paid utilities but they don't give me what I want whether it is too much or too little confusing!
. There are library or framework that you can download and compile into your code but yet it requires some dependency!

How to use ATT Tilt as a walking HOTSPOT?

With ATT Tilt you can turn it into a Wifi router with some software paid or free.

Here is a commercial software that you can buy: http://wmwifirouter.com/

Here is a big thread with some info on hack together a free solution: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=4175565#post4175565

Or you can use a nice little free program call: ICSControl


Note: you have to follow these steps exactly for it to work!

Here are the steps on how to use this utility:

1. define WIFI connection and set WEP

PDF pages counting using VB script.

There are many utilities that you can download or buy to count your PDF files if you have the need to do so or open file by file to look for the page count but why! You can do it yourself with a simple VB script.

Here is a complete working VB script where you can just copy and create a file call "pdfpagecount.vbs" that you can use where you just drop this file in any folder that you have PDF files and just run cscript pdfpagecount.vbs and it will produce a "pagecount.txt" to contain all PDF files and page count.

' By Chanh Ong
'File: pdfpagecount.vbs

How to solve phpMyAdmin blank page and Mysql not connect to localhost issue?

I come across a strange issue with phpMyAdmin. I keep getting a blank page although MySQL is installed and running just fine.

I spent a few weeks on this and finally came across a solution by change "localhost" to "", that temporary solve the phpMyAdmin issue but then when I try to access any CMS script it just won't connect to MySQL.

How to install Mambo and its forks!

The procedure is somewhat the same for Mambo and its forks such as Joomla, MiaCMS, etc.


. Script: PHP 5.x or above
. Web server: Apache or IIS
. Databases: Mysql 5 or above

+ You already create your database in mysql and write down your database information
+ You will install in a folder call "mambo"
+ This is fresh install and you already create the database and have the mysql login information ready for the install

Installation steps:

1. Set folders and files permission:

How to install Drupal on 000webhost

On 000webhost, there are many tools that help you to build your site easier and those are filemanager, 1-click web restore, 1-click database restore, etc.

Here I will outline what you do to get your Drupal upload and get ready for a successful install.

. The first thing is to login to your cpanel and create your database using Mysql and write down your database information. It is very information step and your database host is not "localhost" but something like "mysqlxx.000webhost.com"

How to install Drupal


. Script: PHP 5.2.x or above
. Web server: Apache or IIS
. Databases: Mysql 4.1 or above and PostgreSQL 7.4 or above


. You will install Drupal to a folder call "drupal"
. Assuming you will be using mysql/mysqli
. This is fresh install and you already create the database and have the mysql login information ready for the install

Installation steps:

After download and un-compress the latest version of Drupal distribution file to your web root folder call "drupal" then you do the following:


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