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000webhost site:




Quick Review:

Although 000webhost does not provide ssh for free account but there various features in the cpanel like filemanager, 1-click web restore, 1-click database restore, and etc. Most importantly the performance is very good!

While 000webhost does not provide smtp but they give you something better they let you define your own mx server. They even give you a quick link to Google Apps.


A open source project that develop several add-ons for Mambo, Joomla, MiaCMS and MoseCMS, an easy and extensible CMS.

How to use ATT Tilt as a wireless modem?

You MUST do it this way!


Windows XP: You must install Microsoft ActiveSync software first to get RNDIS driver in place for this to work!
Windows Vista or Windows 7: It is build in to the Sync Center so no need to install anything.

With the above exception, the below steps will work for all flavor of Windows.

. First connect your USB cable or paring your Bluetooth first

. Second, start "File Explorer" from your ATT Tilt

. Click on Windows then scroll down look for "Internet Sharing"


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